Professional translations of academic, legal, technical, business and medical documents from and into Portuguese and English languages. following clients’ guidelines to create top-quality translations in Portuguese into English or English into Portuguese. As a skilled Translator, I work with the latest professional translation software and terminology resources to create accurate final texts to the highest levels in the translation industry.

My Translation Services assures:

  • Precise and accurate translations
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Quick deliveries
  • Professional and friendly advice, completely free of charge

Regardless of where the client is based. I can provide you with translations in Portuguese and English languages, into specific specialized subject areas. As is to be expected of a top translator, I am are fully trained, experienced and certified by the South African Government.

I carry out the majority of my translations through the internet to provide you with the fastest possible service, from the quotation stage to the delivery of the finished document. In the current market, where many medium-sized to large companies operate multinational, there is a serious requirement for online language services; whether for Magic Circle law firms, highly specialized engineering companies, marketing teams with high-end clients or toy manufacturers, expert translations are required to promote, communicate, increase understanding or expand into new markets. I am not just to meet but to go beyond my clients’ expectations throughout the whole service and in terms of a top-quality finished product.

Amongst most requested services are:

Certified translation services

A translation of an official document, such as a birth/marriage/divorce certificate, a bank statement, a visa or a university degree/transcript, for example. These translations are often submitted to official bodies and organizations such as the FCO or the embassies of countries around the globe.

Legal translation services

focusing on translations relating to insurance law, employment law, civil law, criminal law, and commercial law. I regularly translate contracts, legal judgments, and articles of incorporation. appreciating that tight deadlines are a normal occurrence where hearings have been scheduled and in legal proceedings in general and are always keen to work on your deadline wherever possible.

Commercial translation services

I can handle any business correspondence or marketing campaign that clients may have, I will convey not just the words, but the ideas and meanings behind your message in the target language required by your audience.

Technical translation services

The number one function of technical documents is to communicate information. I understand the jargon of particular industries and know how to convey it in their own languages; furthermore, they are capable of keeping up with the ever-evolving world of technology, science, and related fields.

Website localization and translation services

Providing customers with information in their own language is of key importance in generating sales, as it ensures their understanding and they appreciate the efforts of the client to address them in their own language. Your website will be translated as per the market trends of the intended target country or region.

According to surveys on translation services: More than 1 billion people use the internet in languages other than English More than 70% of web users do not have English as a native language Online customer are five times more likely to make a purchase from a website written in their own language.