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Whatever your role, you cannot afford to miss out on opportunities because of languages barriers. You may need to read information from overseas sources or do business in an international marketplace. You may need to communicate with your overseas partners or you may be a government body that needs to inform customers of their rights and responsibilities. If you have a written message to get across, don’t let language barriers stand in your way. Communicate with your clients and customers in their language to ensure that your service is delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible. Contact us for free quotations and consultancy services.Document Submission:
Please feel free to contact to discuss your translation project. For a translation quote, please email at info@manuelcardoso.co.za

Accepted Translation Document Format:

Microsoft-Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel
Other: PDF, Audio, Video.

Legalization (Authentication) of Official Documents

Legalization therefore basically means the process followed by which the signature and seal on an official (public) document is verified.

Note: The full description of the Apostille Convention is The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 (Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents). Please visit The Hague Conference on Private International Law – http://www.hcch.net for further information on signatory countries.


For Embassy of Angola attestation services in South Africa, Contact: dh@manuelcardoso.co.za

NOTE: All documents must be translated into Portuguese before submitting them for attestation with Angolan Embassy in Pretoria Ts & Cs Apply.

Processing time for attestation: is largely dependent on which embassy you require stamping from and your documentation.

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Turnaround time is usually 5 working days for small to medium-sized jobs. Larger jobs or multi-language projects will be assessed individually. You can also email your confirmation to the Translator on info@manuelcardoso.co.za.

Small urgent translations (up to 1000 words) may be turned around in 24 hours for a 25% premium cost loading and subject to the availability of our translator.



If you require a quote on your job, email info@manuelcardoso.co.za and attach your file(s).

We prefer text based files in Word or PDF format.

A quote is based upon the number of words or pages in the original (source) document, whether the translation is from or to English. Some of the clients Click here to see more.